Thursday, April 23, 2015

Career Day

This Tuesday on April 22nd the eighth graders here at Laguna Middle School had Career day. Many visitors came to our school on Tuesday because they came to share about their career and how they got to where they are now in there career. Not everyone got to listen to every visitor that came on Tuesday but we at least got to listened to a few of them with our second period class. Some of them had to work so hard so that they could have their career that they have now and it was hard for most of hem but they made it and so they came to inspire us so that we could make right decisions and get a good career and the one career that we want. It was actually really interesting while listening to most of the visitors talk about themselves and how they have there career today. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


The AVID class at Laguna Middle School is doing a project about how we can help the community and the United States by researching about many different topics. For example, we are doing our projects on Littering, Homelessness, teen depression. The reason that AVID is doing this is because we want to make a difference in our community and also the United States. The AVID class has been working really hard. The group that is doing the littering project, they have been collecting trash around the school campus and they have collected some much trash because many people and students at Laguna Middle School litter and they don't care where they are or what problems littering their trash can cause. They have put some trash and recycling bins around the school campus to see if people throw their trash away in the trash and recycling bins instead of littering and some results were that there was a few trash that was in the trash bins and also recycling. There is a group also that is trying to help the homeless by trying to make backpacks and also they are trying to get peoplr to donate some things so that they can give away to the homelessness.   
The seventh and eighth grade AVID class in Laguna Middle School went on a school field trip to two colleges called Fresno State and Bakersfield University. The AVID class had to be at Laguna Middle School at 6:30 am and then at 7:00 am we left the school in a Charter bus. When we arrived at the first college which was Fresno State, we got there and we first went into a bookstore and many students bought many different things like shirts, and some snacks to eat on the way. Then we went to go eat lunch on campus and we had a few choices where to eat some of the choices were Taco Bell, Panda Express and  Subway. After we were done eating lunch then we went to go explore the campus with Mr. Schalde and Mr. Ou. There were so many college students that were on campus.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Measles in Disneyland

Measles has been spread out in Disneyland and now fifty-nine people in California and eight more across Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Mexico are sick from the virus called Measles. Measles is an infectious viral disease causing fever and red rash on the skin typically occurring in childhood. California health officials say more than 4 dozen cases of measles have been diagnosed in the state a result of an outbreak that started at Disneyland. Most who got sick were not vaccinated. Many people can get sick easily because it spreads easily through the air even before infected individuals get sick. It can float in the air in an enclosed space. And you leave you're the spreader and then a susceptible person can come in a half hour later, breathe the air that contains the virus and they can get sick. No other virus that we know spreads that readily. So places where crowds gather, like theme parks with long lines and closed rides and lots of hotels and restaurants, are ideal environments for the virus which causes fever, cough and a spotted body rash to spread. People who have gotten the two-dose vaccine are 99 percent protected, but others are susceptible those with weakened immune systems and infants under the age of 1 before the first vaccine dose is given. And if infants acquire measles, then they are at high risk of developing the complications of middle ear infection and pneumonia and requiring hospitalization.The Disneyland outbreak has already spread well beyond the theme parks that attract tens of thousands of visitors from around the globe, who could then return home with the virus. Disease investigators for weeks raced to identify measles-stricken patients, track down potential contacts and quarantine them if necessary.