Thursday, March 19, 2015


The AVID class at Laguna Middle School is doing a project about how we can help the community and the United States by researching about many different topics. For example, we are doing our projects on Littering, Homelessness, teen depression. The reason that AVID is doing this is because we want to make a difference in our community and also the United States. The AVID class has been working really hard. The group that is doing the littering project, they have been collecting trash around the school campus and they have collected some much trash because many people and students at Laguna Middle School litter and they don't care where they are or what problems littering their trash can cause. They have put some trash and recycling bins around the school campus to see if people throw their trash away in the trash and recycling bins instead of littering and some results were that there was a few trash that was in the trash bins and also recycling. There is a group also that is trying to help the homeless by trying to make backpacks and also they are trying to get peoplr to donate some things so that they can give away to the homelessness.   

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