Thursday, March 19, 2015

The seventh and eighth grade AVID class in Laguna Middle School went on a school field trip to two colleges called Fresno State and Bakersfield University. The AVID class had to be at Laguna Middle School at 6:30 am and then at 7:00 am we left the school in a Charter bus. When we arrived at the first college which was Fresno State, we got there and we first went into a bookstore and many students bought many different things like shirts, and some snacks to eat on the way. Then we went to go eat lunch on campus and we had a few choices where to eat some of the choices were Taco Bell, Panda Express and  Subway. After we were done eating lunch then we went to go explore the campus with Mr. Schalde and Mr. Ou. There were so many college students that were on campus.

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  1. yeah i remember that it so so fun it also made me think of what college i want to go to